About us


Fun Cool Tour srsl is composed by a staff of passionate travelers whose intention is helping tourist discovering the magic places and culture that Italy can offer.

Our packages are thought for those people interested in visiting Italy and discovering it from a different perspective: a lot of people come to Italy every year to visit the most famous places known around the world but few of them know that there are many “fun” and “cool” ways of visiting them…

Hidden places, ancient stories, special and traditional dishes of our gastronomic culture, adrenaline experiences are the core of our packages which are created to offer our customers unforgettable tours.

Professionalism, reliability, customer focus, dedication and passion for this work, imagination and creativity in the design of packages, motivated and reliable staff are just some of the qualities that our Tour Operator offers its customers.

The accommodation facilities, the tourist guides and all stakeholders present in our packages are selected with utmost care by our Tour Operator and are included in our packages as a result of careful analysis and assessment of skills, facilities offered, professionalism and experience in the industry. They are also subjected to regular visits on site by our staff in order to assess the maintenance of high quality standards.

Beyond the packages in the catalog, we can offer tailor-made and customized packages created according to the customer’s needs and requests, for individual travelers as well as for groups.