inlingua network

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inlingua is a worldwide network of more than 300 language schools in 40 countries around the world.  The inlingua method of learning languages is the result of 40 years of proven experience and over 500,000 students learn languages with us every year.
Since inlingua was founded in 1968,  it has grown to become one of the largest and most successful  language organizations in the world. Inlingua  is  constantly developing new concepts to meet the ever-changing needs of clients in all markets and to ensure that we keep abreast of modern teaching and learning technologies and techniques.
The key features of the inlingua method and materials are an emphasis on oral communication; a carefully programmed progression of language learning that  builds on existing knowledge, whatever the level; where new items are always taught using known ones; a high level of student participation; and systematic, comprehensive language practice. All this adds up to effective language courses and a correspondingly high degree of fluency development in our students in a very short time.